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Frequently Asked Questions 

I’m tired of skyrocketing utility bills. How can I save money on my heating and cooling? 

There are several ways to reduce heating and cooling bills while keeping your family comfortable.

  • Utilize a programmable thermostat. Rather than cooling or heating your empty home when you’re sleeping, at work, or on vacation, set the thermostat a few degrees higher or lower during those times. Then, schedule the AC or heat to kick on an hour before you’ll need it. When used properly, programmable thermostats can save you 15 to 20% a year on energy bills! Don’t have a programmable thermostat? Consider installing one. The cost is nominal when compared to future energy savings, and a PHC Services technician can complete the job in one short visit. 
  • If your heating or cooling equipment is 10 to 15 years old, think carefully before pouring money into it. Instead, you may wish to invest in a high-efficiency HVAC system. Some of the latest models use 30 to 50 percent less energy than older models while making your home vastly more comfortable. 
  • Keep up with maintenance. Changing filters and conducting regular inspections can keep your system running at peak performance, year round. If you’re not comfortable conducting a do-it-yourself HVAC inspection, schedule a maintenance visit with a PHC Services expert today. 
  • Use ceiling fans to circulate warm and cool air. Many of today’s fan models have two modes: one direction distributes cool air during summer, and the other direction circulates heat during winter. 

How often should I maintain my heating and cooling systems? 

PHC Services recommends twice annual maintenance visits: one for heating and one for cooling season. During this visit, we inspect all equipment, change filters, tighten connections, clean coils (when accessible) and drain lines, check ductwork, etc. During your appointment, we’ll also make note of failures and alert you to potential concerns before they turn into expensive repairs. 

How often should I change my furnace filter? 

Filters should be regularly changed to optimize system efficiency--especially during heavy use. Check your filter every month when the heating or AC is running regularly, and change the filter every 3 to 4 months as needed. Consider a higher quality allergen reduction filter if your family suffers from allergies or upper respiratory conditions. 

What are SEER ratings, and what do they mean to me? 

SEER stands for “Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio,” and it refers to the performance and energy efficiency of your HVAC unit. The higher the SEER, the more efficient the equipment and the less it costs to use. Before choosing your HVAC system, discuss your home’s energy requirements with a PHC Services technician. They can recommend the cost-effective, Energy Star-rated equipment that suits your needs and budget.

How can I improve my indoor air quality? 

Many of our clients suffer from allergies or respiratory conditions that are exacerbated by indoor pollutants. PHC Services technicians can install indoor air quality systems or recommend allergen reduction filters that combat pollens, spores and bacteria.

How do I re-light my pilot light? 

Most new systems have electronic ignition, but if yours does not, look for detailed instructions on the inside or outside of your furnace door. If the pilot doesn’t ignite immediately, wait for gas to disperse before trying again. If your pilot light is going out several times a season, it could be a sign of a more serious problem. A PHC Services technician can inspect your system to ensure that you don’t have a bad gas valve or cracked heat exchanger. 

I am ready to install a new HVAC system. What size do I need? 

Unfortunately, there is no one, easy answer to this question. The size of a heating and cooling system depends upon your home’s square footage, the number of windows, type of insulation, house orientation and personal comfort requirements. PHC Services technicians can work with you to determine the most cost-effective equipment options, and to ensure that installation is seamless and efficient. 

Why should I trust PHC Services with my home’s heating and cooling systems? 

Aside from our family-owned values, PHC Services is licensed, insured and trained to work on all types of systems. In addition, we provide upfront pricing that doesn’t include hidden fees and “extra charges.” We provide free estimates for new installations, and references are available upon request.